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Perreault Spring & Equipment was started in 1911 by Elzear Perreault in Waterbury, CT, originally as a blacksmith shop. The company quickly adapted to the rise of the automobile and focused on offering complete leaf spring, front end, and frame straightening services.

Currently, Perreault Spring is owned by John Perreault, the great grandson of Elzear, and specializes in all suspension applications. From cars to dump trucks, the same quality of work that the company was founded on, is still applied today. We service the greater Waterbury area, as well as surrounding towns, utility companies, and construction companies. 

Perreault Spring strives to provide the best possible leaf spring and suspension service, utilizing over 70 years of experience in the suspension and spring industry. We are committed to providing the same level of service that the company was founded with, and ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Located on 510 South Main Street in Waterbury Connecticut, we are directly across from St. Anne's Church, and one block east of Home Depot.